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Frequently Asked Questions:



Q:  During parent/guardian registration it asks if I should list my physical address and email address as either private, roster, or public.  Which one should I choose?
A:  You can leave your physical address as private, but we recommend that you leave your email address and telephone as "roster" so that the team's coach can contact you.  No one else on the site will have access to your information except the coaches and CYO Board.


Q:  I filled out the form for my child, but my payment transaction did not go through.  Is it okay that my child information is filled out for registration but that I pay at a later time?  
A:  No.  Waitlisting is not permitted and all unpaid registrants will automatically be deleted from the program.  The system will notify parents/guardians via email that the child "has been deleted due to non-payment" whenever this scenario occurs.  

Please make sure that your payment is submitted immediately after children are registered into any Holy Rosary CYO program.  

  • Any data that was collected about your child's registration into a program will not show up on the final list of registrants when the enrollment period ends.  Please make sure that your payment(s) for any child(ren) are submitted before the program enrollment period ends.


Q:  During child registration it asks to enter my child's email address and to create a password.  Should I enter these?
A:  No.  Please leave these fields blank.  They are not mandatory.


Q:  Is the Holy Rosary Raiders Basketball Program open to non-parishioners?
A:  Yes, non-parishioners are welcome to register for the program. However, players who are not members of the Holy Rosary Religious Education (CCD) program, but live within the parish, will be allowed to participate in the program only if additional roster spots are available.  Preference for new players will first be given to members of the Holy Rosary Religious Education (CCD) program.

Q:  I registered my child for the upcoming season but I have not received a schedule yet.  When will I know about games and practices?

A:  Game schedules are issued by the Westchester/Putnam County CYO league administrators in mid to late November shortly before game play begins.  Practice schedules will be determined and begin in September after registration closes.  Notifications about game schedules and practice schedules will be communicated by your team's coach.  Once the County game schedule is created, it will be linked and accessible from the Holy Rosary Raiders website.  Directions to games can be found by clicking on the name of the facility when viewing the online schedule.  For reference, the Westchester/Putnam County CYO site is located at http://wpcyo.net

Q. Will games be played on weekends or during the week?

A. Games are almost entirely scheduled on the weekends.  In very rare situations, however, games can be scheduled during the week.

Q: Where can I find directions to other CYO facilities for our away games?

A: They can be found by clicking on the name of the facility when viewing the online schedule or to see all facilities and directions, click on "CYO Facility Directions" on the left menu.


Q:  When will players receive their basketball uniforms?

A:  All new players entering the Holy Rosary CYO Basketball Program will receive uniform ordering instructions from their head coach.   Dates for uniform sizing will be announced after the general enrollment period ends.  Uniforms are distributed by coaches usually the week before games begin.  

  • Basketball uniforms consist of a jersey (with the player's assigned number) and shorts.  Both the jersey and shorts are reversable for home/away game play.  Uniforms must be worn to all games.  
  • Warm-up jerseys have the spelling of the player's last name on the back, and hooded sweatshirts have their last name written in small font.  Warm-up jerseys and hooded sweatshirts are not required to be purchased but are convienient to have during the winter season.